Mission and Values

OUR MISSION is to educate people on how to prioritize their health and wellness; and transform it into a sustainable lifestyle to improve the quality as well as longevity of their lives.

Strong, Pure, & Simple is luxurious, accommodating, comprehensive, and compassionate.

LUXURY is unapologetic, high quality and authentic. At SPS we provide straightforward truth that allows you to cut through the cloud of misinformation and get straight to your results. High quality, top of the line equipment and testing is the only option for our clients. Only organic, all natural, and pure ingredients utilized to assist you in your nutritional transition. All supplements prescribed are thoroughly researched and the top in the industry. We don't apologize for wanting the best for you, and knowing that's exactly what you deserve.

Our ACCOMMODATIONS are tailored to your unique lifestyles. We bend over backwards to reduce barriers and make your new lifestyle as accessible as possible. We simplify the process and take out the guesswork for you. Service that literally meets you where you are, and brings everything to your doorstep.

Our COMPREHENSIVE process includes all faucets of your life to bring your complete wellness together. A customized plan that prioritizes your nutrition, fitness, work life balance, and self care. No need to retain multiple professionals, get all your health and wellness needs met in one place.

Our kind, COMPASSIONATE mentality of grace allows us to assist you without passing judgement or blame. Our firm, but loving approach to accountability and results allows you to appreciate yourself throughout the entire journey. This allows you to build your strength not just physically but emotionally and mentally. You are our most precious commodity.

Start Forming Healthy Habits

Reach out to a personal trainer in Colfax, High Point & Greensboro, NC

Have you tried and failed several times to develop a healthy exercise and nutrition plan? You don't have to struggle alone. A personal trainer will make it easy to set and achieve your fitness goals. Strong, Pure, & Simple will help you empower yourself to work out. We can set up a custom fitness plan designed to suit you perfectly. With our personal training services, you'll be able to develop an exercise routine that finally sticks.

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Meet the Coach

Get to know your new personal trainer.

Meet the Coach

Personal Training

Work one-on-one with an experienced trainer.

Personal Training

Meal Prep & Delivery

Treat yourself to healthy meals delivered to your door.

Meal Prep & Delivery

Nutrition Planning

Create a diet plan that works for you.

Nutrition Planning

Choose the right plan for your needs

Our personal training services help to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. We'll go over your goals and any hurdles in your path to better design your fitness plan.

In addition to personal training, we offer:

Contact us today to request a custom fitness plan in Colfax, High Point & Greensboro, NC.

What makes Strong, Pure, & Simple right for you?

After over a decade in business, we know all the ins and outs of personal training and coaching. We offer our personal training services throughout High Point, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte and Colfax, NC. Are you having trouble keeping up with workouts because of your job? We'll help you create a routine and stick with it.

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